Claim page on custom contract?

Hello! I’ve created both a custom contract and tried to create a claim page to mint to that custom contract - but I can’t verify that I set it up correct. It doesn’t seem to list it as being minted from the custom contract.

Here is the custom contract I created on Manifold:

Here is the claim page:

Opensea doesn’t understand the custom contract:
… is this because the contract was from that weird opensea period in November? What’s going on?

Maybe I screwed something up in the workflow or what I am trying to do? I just want 100 tokens to be claimed/bought from me as an artist. How screwed am I?

Can you explain what you mean by Opensea doesn’t understand the custom contract? What are you seeing versus what are you expecting?

I’m seeing the tokens here:

The contract is listed as “unidentified”:

Gm! You’ll find the answer in this thread here. This is just an Opensea setting.

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How did you create a custom contract? I am wanting to build a claim page for a custom contract that I am deploying myself.