Claim Page Shows No Graphics

I’ve got a new claim but the graphics are not showing up despite updating the metadata and waiting two days.

I’ve also updated the metadata today with a different graphic and still the claim page is broken. I’ve minted the NFT and the graphics are fine.
It’s a 2048x2048 PNG.

Any ideas on how to fix the claim page?

Is this still happening? Claim page seems to be displaying ok for me

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Just realized that it works everywhere else I try but Edge on Windows 11 isn’t working. Firefox, Chrome, Brave are all fine.

I created the NFT on my laptop and it had an issue viewing in Edge and it looks like Edge has the issue on my PC as well. Edge is chromium based so I am not sure why I would get different behavior from the application.

Here is a link to the error of the claim page.

Gm - The issue should be resolved. Let us know if it’s working now

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Perfect, thanks I appreciate the quick resolution.