Claim Page stop loading

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Claim page not upload for anyone: KEK PEPE BALLOON

Please help! Mint only 48 h

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My claim page isn’t loading anymore and it’s only been live for 2 hours!!! I need help asap!!

This should be fixed now, apologies for that.

I have the same issue with burn to redeem pages

Can you share a link to the burn and redeem page? FEY II seems to be working for me

in my manifold studio, wen I open burn to redeem page to modify it, it doesn’t load the data.

Got it - Can you take a screenshot of the error you’re seeing and where it’s hanging?

for sure,
I noticed it happens wen I open the contract > tokens > and click the token from there.
however wen I open the token from apps, it shows just fine.

Can you post the error you’re seeing in your console? Instructions: Reporting Issues to the Forum - Manifold Docs

Problem is fixed. Thank you for reporting :blush: