Claim Page Stuck

As I was creating a claim page, I realized I was using the wrong ETH address. I switched before I completed or signed any transaction, but it appears that the claim page has been created, even though there was no transaction and no signed contract.

The page is stuck where it says there is a claim page, but there is no claim page as I haven’t completed the transaction. How do I finalize the claim, sign, and complete the transaction? Just start over again?

There should be no pending transaction as nothing was signed.

Where does it say there is a claim page? You should be able to just log out of Manifold Studio and then log back in (if not try clearing your browser cookies). Let me know if that works

That didn’t work.

I go into my studio, click on the contract, then tokens and I see the new token I created, and it has the icon for the claim page, but no page exists because I never completed a transaction.

Can you provide a bit more information? Which contract is this happening for? If you have not signed a transaction the claim page shouldn’t be created, perhaps what you’re seeing is the draft? A screenshot would help as well.


Contract Page:

You can see below snap that both appear to have claim pages. The first one does (thats an older one) and the second one is the one I’ve been working on and it does not have a claim page because I never completed any transaction. It uploaded to arweave and then I never signed a transaction.

Clicking on the token, you get to a blank page that should be a draft page and allow me to finalize the claim creation, but it’s just a blank page. Can’t include that embedded image because I’m a new member.

Got it - Are you able to access the claim through the Claim in the Apps tab? Looks like this might just be a visual bug. If you access the claim through the Studio App you should be able to find and publish this claim.

Ah, yes, that totally worked. I ended up just creating a new one because it had to drop today (Sunday), but appreciate the response and I’ll know what to do if this happens again! Thank you!