Claim Page, System Issue? - Not Showing on Marketplaces KO,Rrt, Foundation others

Hi Lyndo, I hope you are doing well.

I hope that with your kind assistance I can solve this issue.

I have minted 1 token see attached image, (Please confirm that token is showing in the section pointed by the arrow), but it is not showing up in all marketplaces at all, except OS but only my wallet is showing nothing else.

Is it a system issue? or what could it be?

I appreciate your valuable assistance in this.

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Hi There, I appreciate some help with these issues regarding my claim page’s Open Edition not showing on any marketplaces?

Please share a link to the claim page. The claim page should have a link to corresponding marketplaces.

Hello Wilkins, I appreciate your message. My tech knowledge is low therefore I may be missing info on the metadata or other areas that could be causing the problem, having said that find below the links:

I am very grateful for your assistance.

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The token will not show up until at least one token is minted.

Ok I thought that I had minted a token see this link:

I know I paid gas for minting something, but I may be mistaken.

Appreciate your help

You created a claim page, which means the tokens are only minted when purchased/bought. If you mint a token by itself, it will show up immediately. You can see that the tokens minted is still 0 on the claim page.

I am sorry but I am a bit lost, I am not sure where do I mint the token then, I am missing the final step, I mint the token to my wallet, right? Please indicate which of the links I would use to mint it:

A). Manifold Studio

B). Lucy the Warrior Lady

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This link might help you understand what is happening. Basically pre-minting tokens vs lazy mint: Selling Tokens - Manifold Docs

I appreciate it but the manifold docs did not give me enough info, I have read it many times. What I am looking for is the step to get my tokens to be listed on the different marketplaces?

Sorry to be low techy and a pain.

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