Claim Page text is inexplicably BOLD AND ALL CAPS


I have an existing Manifold claim page that I could have sworn was displaying properly back when I created it.

Now, however, the first paragraph is bold and ALL CAPS, despite my not using any markdown language or anything like that.

Like I said, I swear this was fine originally, so my guess is that something changed with the way the page is render since then. I have double spaces and a — for line break after that paragraph, but I wouldn’t expect those would affect the text itself!

How can we troubleshoot this?

should be fixed now :slight_smile:

Sweet! I just refreshed and it looks perfect now.

Was it something I’d need to know to avoid as an artist? Or was it something quick and easy on the Manifold back-end?


yes, for compatibility, there should be new lines before and after the “—”
here is a reference markdown horizontal rules