Claim Page Update Error

I am attempting to update a claim page (pending drop in one hour :grimacing:) The claim is currently live but I am trying to update copy + HTML file

The transaction keeps failing due to:

"‘An error occurred executing the transaction: cannot estimate gas; transaction may fail or may require manual gas limit’

The documentation says to allocate a higher gas fee

Which is not possible via studio.

Hi there!

While that error uses the word “gas”, it usually means that your wallet has determined the transaction will fail, and thus errors before letting you waste money submitting it.

Can you tell me what specific changes you want to make to your claim? “Updating HTML” sounds like changing the animation_url field in metadata, and “Updating copy” sounds like updating the description?

That is correct those are the two changes I was making. It did process after all - there was a big surge in transaction fees this AM and it is possible that is what blocked it. I can close this ticket because the transaction did go through.

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this ticket can close - not sure how to!

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