Claim Page w limited supply didn't mint a token to my wallet (bug or need to update instructions?)

Hi, first time i used the claim page for a 10/10 limited edition.

In the Token Supply help field (see below), it mentions that one token would be minted into my wallet. Which didnt seem to happen?

There’s this tx, saying mint 0 went to my wallet:

BUT its not showing on my OS/Rarible/Manifold wallet (not even the hidden wallets), nor on the NFT page (to wallet …0xE4…57C3):

Could be a bug or an update (which seems like a nice feature since not everyone might want to keep an edition). So if this is a new update, please update this info.

Hi. This message is no longer correct and no token is minted when the claim is created. We will update the text.

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