Claim Page w/ multiple WL's / price phases (help please anyone)

I’m reposting this because I haven’t gotten a reply in 2 days.

I’m working on a collection that will have three mint phases - one free WL, one .0033 ETH WL and the rest for public. I’m trying to figure out how to set this up and go back to edit the claim page. The first bit is pretty straightforward - start off the mint at 0 ETH and add the first WL of free minters. But then to change the price and add the new whitelist - how do I do that? Also in this second phase of the mint I want to restrict the max number of mints to 3333. The last phase of the mint would make the rest of the mints available to the public at .0069

Is it possible to do something this specific on Manifold?

I’ve been brainstorming stressed af these past few days and I think it would go something like:

  • Set mint to 0 ETH with first WL
  • After first phase done go back to edit claim page
  • Set new mint price to .0033 ETH / remove old WL / insert new WL
  • Change the total supply to (whatever has minted) + the new 3333 mints for WL
  • Run second phase
  • Go back after 3333 new mints are minted
  • Change the total supply to the final number (6969) and remove all WL to make public
  • Change price to .0069
  • Run final phase of mint

If anyone can confirm or deny this or help in anyway I would be eternally grateful. I’ve received no responses from anyone on my last post in 2 days.

gm! Yep this is possible - Because you’re able to edit the claim, you’ll just run the campaign in phases and whenever you’re ready for the next phase just edit the claim.

If you want to test this out on testnet, you can do so in a test workspace. (We’ve just enabled this feature)

Let me know if that helps answer things

Beautiful! Thank you so much - this definitely answers things! I’m going to try and test it on testnet - (never tried using a test workspace but will look through the forum if I run into anything before posting again). Much love <3

How many addresses and entries per address will your WL be?

Hey eddie! The Free WL will be around 1200 addresses only 1 per. The second phase Whitelist will be around 180k addresses, some duplicates or so, with a limit of 3 per. This doable? :pray: