Claim page whitelist - Can max claim supply exceed token supply?

Hi, my name is Alex and i am trying to create a whitlelist for my new claim page. I am not sure about whitelist’s mechanism so i will explain my plan in order to help me if it’s possible.

My plan is to create a list of different wallets, each wallet will be eligible to claim 1-4 tokens. But I want to restrict the overall supply of the token to a specific number which would be less than the Overall max supply of all whitelisted wallets.

The token supply is limited to 7.

The eligible wallets are 5 :

Wallet 1,2,3 can claim 1 token each.
Wallet 4 can claim 2 tokens
Wallet 5 can claim 4 tokens.
(the supply of the token is (7) ,that’s less than the overall max supply of all listed wallets which is (9) )

So on the ex. we have a token supply of (7) and 5 wallets with overall max claim supply of (9) tokens. I would like to now what will happen if all the wallets try to mint the maximum. How many tokens will be minted 7 or 9 ??

Hey Alex,

Yes this should be possible with the claim page app. On the rules page for your claim, set a token supply of 7, and upload a csv audience that looks like:

|addr1  |1    |
|addr2  |1    |
|addr3  |1    |
|addr4  |2    |
|addr5  |4    |

When people go to mint, they will be prevented from minting EITHER more tokens than the max supply, OR more tokens than they have been allotted (aka, the minimum of their allotment and remaining supply).

So, if addr5 mints first, they will be able to mint all 4 of their tokens. But if everyone else goes first, then 5/7 tokens will be used, so addr5 will only be able to mint 2.

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Perfect !! That was very helpful Jack, thank you for your quick and detailed response.
:blue_heart: :pray:

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Hi guys, hope you fine…i have noticed that if you try to claim a token from a claim page and you reject the transaction… the claim page counts it as a fulfilled claim. (no charge, no mint)
Tried to mint 2 tokens on my claim page (separate transacts) and, i rejected the 1st transact,(no charge no mint), i approved the second (charged ,minted) an this is the notis after these 2 transcts.

Is this correct ?