Claim page with limited editions and "assured mint" for specific wallets


I am doing an erc-1155 Limited Editions mint. I have a csv table of wallets that I would like to allowlist for that mint.
The sum of eligible mints for each wallet will be higher than the collection size (lets say 300 possible mints, edition size 200).

Is there any way how I can “reserve” some mints for specific wallets so they are assured to get the token and not being left out? It’s a list of people I want to have the ability to mint no matter what.

In an answer to another topic of mine somebody advised me that I can do 2 time periods, one for “whitelisting” for those wallets I want to have the mint assured and then edit the claim page during the mint to make it accessible to the rest of the table.

So if I understand it correctly, this would be the way?

  1. making a claim page with the edition size, price and with the whitelisted wallets to assure the mint
  2. editing a claim page and changing the whitelisted (assured mints) wallets csv table to the table of the rest of the wallets eligible to mint

Are there any limitations? Can I edit the dates of the claim after publishing?

Thank you!

This is correct, you can run an allow list mint first and then update the claim to be an open mint.

Or update the allowlist csv to a new set of eligible wallets, is that right?