Claim Page with Multiple Editions in a single transaction

I have five editions I’m looking to offer on different claim pages. I want to be able to then offer a way for minters to purchase all five in one transaction to save gas etc.

So for example the 5 editions being .02eth and then the sixth claim page being .06 for all 5 editions

From what I can see this isn’t possible, does anyone have a suggestion or workaround that might work for this or something I may be missing?


gm! Thanks for reaching out. Sounds neat - unfortunately, our tools don’t support a mechanic like this atm. You’re thinking this is similar to a cart where there is a discount if you have all the tokens in your cart right?

Yeah kind of. I have searched about and have set up a few claims in the past. Was just looking for a way for holders to buy them all in one single transaction and get all 5 tokens, similiar to a cart mechanic in a way yes.

No worries though was just looking for confirmation I wasn’t missing something!

Definitely something to add in the future though if possible would be great to be able to batch mint several tokens from a claim page on the same contract instead of having to visit multiple claims and pay gas fees several times.