Claim Page with multiple whitelist / price phases

Gm Manifold community, I’m working on a collection that will have three mint phases - one free WL, one .0033 ETH WL and the rest for public. How can I set this up? The first bit is pretty straightforward - start off the mint at 0 ETH and add the first WL of free minters. But then to change the price and add the new whitelist - how do I do that? Also in this second phase of the mint I want to restrict the max number of mints to 3333. Then make the rest of the mints available to the public at .0069

Is it possible to do something this specific on Manifold?

gm mikhaelangeI0x.eth,

If you are wanting to do a three-phase mint as you described, I would do it like this.

Phase 1: Set up a claim page with your WL and the price of 0.0033 ETH.
Phase 2: Update the whitelist with the original WL and the added addresses, keeping the price the same. During this, also set the supply cap at 3333.
Phase 3: Remove the whitelist, select that anyone can mint, update the price to 0.0069, and then update the supply cap to your desired amount.

This is all possible within Manifold Studio. One thing to note is that you’ll have to do the updates and timing manually. If you want to test things out, you can do so on Sepolia before committing to mainnet.


Thank you so much Richerd! Going to run the campaign in separate phases as planned - thank you so much for confirming <3

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