Claim Pages not loading (spinning circle)

Hi, I just minted a token under my erc1155 contract. It went all the way to the end then there was an error message saying it did not complete it correctly. Now the page is just spinning in a circle, but the page is showing as live in Manifold. So I completed the process a second time and the same error ocurred. Second page is now spinning.Is there angoing issue at this time? I saw someone having the same issue here 2 hrs ago but no replies yet. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Here are my 2 claim pages:

i am facing the same issue myself : Whispers of the Abyss

Also having this same issue.

We are investigating.

Hi, this should be fixed now.

This is now resolved. Sorry about that.

Hi, this should be fixed now. You should end one of the claims though because there are two.