Claims and Airdrops Not Working

Greetings! I’ve been having an issue with the past couple of days trying to initiate an airdrop from claim page: Manifold Studio

It just hangs waiting to initialize the wallet transaction, but no prompts ever appear in Metamask.

The same thing happens when I try to mint a token from Claim page. The status wheel just keeps spinning. The Book of Eternity | Manifold

gm! Hmmm - Do you have any other wallet connected to your browser? Are there pending transactions in your wallet?

Can you post a screenshot to your console? Instructions here:

Yes, many other wallets! haha. But I never seemed to have a problem until the last couple of days. Sure, I will follow the doc and post a screenshot from console shortly.

Here is what it shows for me when trying to send an airdrop:

And when I try to mint from claim page. In both, I see a mention of dapp connector to yoroi, so maybe that is the wallet that is in conflict?

That seemed to do it. Case closed! haha. I turned off the Yoroi wallet and works fine now. Sorry for the troubles!

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Thanks for the follow up - Will be super helpful for others to know.

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