Clame Page I can't press next

I can’t get my work done for the third day now. In Claim Page on the Prepare token, no matter what I fill in, I can’t click the next button or switch tabs. The cursor would give a (/) sign when hovering over the next button.
I even made a new contract and the claim page still does not let me pass the first tab.
There were similar problems on the forum, but it resolved itself there.

Can you share the rest of the screen? Usually that means something isn’t filled out.

No matter what I enter in this window, nothing happens. I can’t click the next button

Can you please share a full sceenshot including the next button? Can’t really see what’s going on here.

Here’s a full screenshot

For four days I did the same thing. It’s like insanity. The problem is solved. Just had to use a different browser. hehe

That’s so odd. What browser were you using?