Clarification for Minting Process via Crossmint and Shopify Merch-Bridge

Could someone help me confirm if my understanding about utilizing Crossmint and Shopify Merch Bridge in my mint process is correct?

I’m planning to mint 50 editions of an item via an ERC721 contract. After the mint event, I’d like to utilize the Shopify Merch Bridge to allow supporters to claim a physical version of the item. I’d also like for supporters to be able to pay with fiat for the mint, so I’m hoping to integrate Crossmint as well.

I’m wondering if my understanding of Crossmint and Shopify Merch Bridge is correct in deploying this two-stage process on Manifold, or if I’m misunderstanding something?

To reiterate, I would like users to be able to mint via ETH & fiat through Manifold/Crossmint, and then have users be able to claim the physical items through Shopify Merch Bridge.

Yes you’ll be able to do both of these mechanics with Crossmint and then Merch Bridge afterwards

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continuing in this thread because it might be related. Say for example someone purchases a NFT, redeems it through the store and has received their physical product.

If they so decide to sell the NFT, would that NFT be flagged as already redeemed after the trade is made?

I’m asking because I don’t want the same NFT to be redeemed after it’s changed owners.


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Yup. We track and prevent double usage of a redeemed token by marking it as consumed on our end and adding the item to the cart.

Ensure that the exclusive item has an extremely high price for it to be restricted properly.

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