Closing claim pages when mint is complete

I’d like to be able to edit the metadata on tokens that have been minted via Mainfold claim pages after the claim has been completed. None of the tokens show up as individuals on the Studio and all token management seems to only be done through the claim page editor app.

When I try to make adjustments to the token it seems it won’t let me because the page is no longer active. Once a claim period is complete, is there any way to transfer the management to a standard token editor instead of having to work through the claim page editor?

You’re looking to change the metadata of the tokens to unique images? This isn’t possible with the claim pages. That mechanic is closer to something like a collectibles drop which isn’t supported at this time.

Hi lyndo,

Do you think that will be a future mechanic? Would be amazing to be able to set up a claim page and then be able to edit the metadata and change the images on each individual token. Love the claim page for editions.

Thank you

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I may have used the wrong term, specifically, I want to alter the “Properties” to be able to reflect the total supply that was minted for each edition. I think I can probably use a workaround by reactivating the claim for a short period and making the changes but it would be great to have a clean way to manage this in the future.