Coinbase Optimism quest

Hello, dear Manifold community, i’m trying to finish the Coinbase quest and it says Mint an NFT on Optimism through Manifold, but when i try to Mint the free NFT it don’t allow me to do anything, maybe someone have same problem, help me out, thanks! Imgur: The magic of the Internet

We haven’t had any other reports of anyone having issues with minting. Are you minting though the Coinbase wallet app? Your first screenshots a desktop display while your second screenshot shows a mobile display.

Thanks for your answer, Richerd.

I tried trough the web version and mobile coinbase application its have same problem, it’s just refreshing the site when i click “Coinbase Wallet” i already deposit a 5$ OETH but still same issue

its says now " Sorry, there are no items for you to claim "

I think you are looking at the wrong campaign, the NFTs for the Coinbase Quest campaign are priced at 0.00069 ETH (screenshot you are showing is 0.0 ETH.

These are the NFTs that are part of Coinbase Quest:

Thank you a lot, i lost around 10$ but i finally finished the quest hah