Collaboration request from the ACCA Auction House

Hello, Manifold team. We are building the startup - the first web3 auction house devoted only to digital art and collectibles. The ACCA.

For the upcoming auction, we are using the Manifold contract. We have some proposals about the future contract adaptation to work with the tokens, which already have provenance (traction) because the auction house mainly works with the second market (art collectors). We are discussing it here - Sales via my Manifold Marketplace contract - #6 by Sergey

Also, I am reaching out about partnership collaborations (Xspacies, logo website references, company notes during meta-exhibition events, etc.). Who can connect with us to discuss more about the partnership?

Here is the link for our last meta exhibition that was in the top 10 - htps://

Enjoy the day,
Sergey Shendrik