Collection contract with different payout structures

I need to create a collection under one title/name but each token in the collection is a collaboration with a different artist and each token needs to be set with a different payout structure (for primary and secondary).

First question, do I need to create a separate contract for each token considering that each token has a different payout structures for primary and secondary?

And if that’s the case my second question is, if I have to create multiple contracts, can they all have the same contract name and symbol name so that marketplaces will recognize it’s from the same collection?

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!

You can do this under one contract. For primary sales, you can select a different payment recipient for each sale using our tools (depends on the sale mechanism).

For secondary, we do support manual configuration of per token royalties via the eip2981 spec, but not all marketplaces adhere to it (Eg OpenSea does not support token level royalties yet)

Amazing thank you wilkins for responding. Does this work in the gallery app and the claims app? :pray:t3:

It’s per token configuration so yes, it would.