Collection(s) stats and UI suggestion

Hello guys,

First things first thanks a lot for your fantastic work and for the incredible tool you gifted to the community, I sadly can’t code and have been looking for ways to mint my own SC. Manifold is the best and sincerely I think it helped me a lot during my onboarding on ETH.

This said, I have two main proposals

  1. Collection(s) stats (More important)

Most of the collectors (but also artists) tend to look at “stats”, such as floor price and traded volume, I think it would be great to enhance the possibility of creating a landing page where the artist can choose which works to show.
I think the best way would be to let an artist pick artworks from ANY of his contracts, this way it would be possible to join ERC1155 and ERC721 that follow the same storyline.

I’m showing you a quite poor image but I think it’s quite explicative of how I would imagine such a page (which is basically the claim page + more data)

I think this feature is quite necessary since no marketplace tracks the sales and it’s quite hard for collectors to immediately get to know which is the history of an artist.

  1. A second proposal, less relevant but honestly, I think it’s quite cool, is about the UI of auctions, I believe the “Claim Page” has a great interface and I think it should also be preserved for auctions with something like this (+ all the other buttons such as referral link generator, tweet etc)

A compact interface is really great for social networks/tweets etc and would also save a lot of space from desktop view, making probably scroll unnecessary (like it happens now)

Thanks anyone again for their work and thanks to all the readers that would like to share their opinion