Collector not able to claim although his address is in the CSV

a collector of my OE from last year wrote me yesterday, that he tried to buy the follow-up edition, but failed. the follow-up edition is limited to minters of the open edition, so he should be able to claim… i searched for his address in the CSV, and he’s definitely in there… i asked him to try the usual stuff, like restarting browser, clearing cache and such, but still no luck… any idea what is going on? just checking if you can identify the problem quickly, i don’t wanna waste your time, worst case i just do a manual transfer with him.

this is his address: 0x1776CFdcFFC21CD51B35d1EFAf5B3db4848dA1D7

also here’s the link to the claim page:

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

gm! Thanks for reaching out - Do you know what wallet/browser they are using?

said he tried metamask and also rainbow.

Just to update this thread: we’ve confirmed the issue with this allowlisted claim. In the meantime, we recommend airdropping tokens to desired recipients.

Sorry for the unexpected experience. Will share another update once we have further resolution.

Update: Claims created with allowlists prior to Jun 6, 2023 are currently unavailable for collectors via Manifold Claim Pages due to a change in allowlist verification. To be clear, token data and the actual allowlists are still available in Manifold Studio.

For these claims, we recommend either airdropping tokens to allowlisted collectors or reaching out to us here and we can help you with mitigation. Claims with allowlists created after Jun 6, 2023 are unaffected.

thanks for the update. that’s unfortunate… i don’t suspect many collectors will still claim an edition of this piece, since it’s been almost 10 months that it dropped, but gas was super high at that time, so many did not claim that were on the allow-list. so i’m ok with just airdropping it to that particular collector, i don’t suspect many more to come. just out of curiosity, what would have to be done to mitigate the problem?

Totally understand. Current mitigation process is a manual process and we’d have to send you instructions (would be case by case). So unless you expect a large number of collectors to continue minting we recommend airdropping or creating a new Claim with the same allowlist.

Hope that helps!