Collectors Cannot Buy My Manifold Open Editions on OpenSea/Rarible/Etc

A collector just reached out to me saying they were unable to purchase one of my Manifold open editions on secondary markets such as OpenSea or Rarible. I checked my royalty settings on my contract and on the pages for my contract on OpenSea and rarible and it looks like everything is set correctly. I set my
main wallet as the royalty wallet, so, I am not sure what might be wrong here?

This is the error we keep seeing on OpenSea:

Just wanted to give an update, my collector was able to make the purchase on Rarible, it would seem the issue is specific to OpenSea, or, OpenSea listing. Anything listed on OpenSea cannot be purchased on Rarible, whereas Rarible local listings do work.

I have reached out to OpenSea support to see if they have any insight, will make sure to update here if I learn anything more.

Found a solution:

The issues appeared to be on OpenSea’s end. After contacting their support, their eng team were able to address the issue.