Collectors having issues with my burn redeem

So one of my collectors reached out to me saying that the burn redeem page says they are not eligible. They are holding all 5 pieces necessary for the burn, and I’ve triple checked the requirements of the burn as well.

Any suggestions?

Can you provide an example of a wallet unable to burn?

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Sure, here’s a couple that reached out to me


The burn redeem is currently ongoing for 2 days, so I’m wondering if I should extend it or if it was simply an error on my end with how I set it up?

No rush of course, just want to make sure so I can follow up with my holders.

Thanks in advance :pray:

I believe the way you have it configured, collectors need to have either -

  • 5 of “The Broken One - Piece #1
  • 5 of “The Broken One - Piece #2


Rather than a combo that adds up to 5.

Will get back to you with instructions on how to make it like “total tokens” which I believe is what you want.

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Might take a couple days btw, so you would want to either extend the timing or wait and restart it once we figure this out

This is what you want to do. See here you have 1 row with tokens 2,3,4,5,6 ?

You will want to do “Add burn token” for each. So then you should have 5 rows. For each one, enter in 1 for how many tokens must be burned.

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Thank you so much :pray: That’s what I was originally trying to do with collectors burning 1x of each puzzle piece. Thank you, I will adjust that right now

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