Color of minted NFTs not matching the tested images. Why the color and exposure change?

I cannot figure out why when I minted some nft editions, the images were different than those I tested with. The color and exposure changed. Can someone please help? Also, How do I change the artwork when I can figure this issue out. Are there certain settings with the image that would cause this, such as bit depth for photographs, i.e. 8bit vs 16. bit?

gm - Thanks for reaching out. Can you send some images/links so we can see what is affected?

Rodeo Cowboy
Dont Fence Me In
Night Nude Light Painting

The tokens show as being fine, however, when viewed on platforms, the colors and exposure are washed out. I double checked files and they are all the same settings. I have attached the original files. I even tried updating the metadata after saving for one of the images, but it was still the same.

However, they show up looking like this:

I also noticed the name schema added an extra #1/5 on the end of the name and I can’t seem to delete it. Opensea has not updated but its been over 4 hours, maybe more. Looked at opensea metadata and it says its offchain. I’m so lost, I thought when minted, it becomes onchain?

Fixed it all. Went through and found a few issues from my end.