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I just minted nft here and want to sell it.
I chose FND. People can follow each other there and NFTs sold elsewhere are also displayed there. It is more familliar to me.
Are you planning such an expansion over time?
If I sell on FND NFTs minted by you, will they remain in your archive?
If I later decide to sell with you, will all minted nfts (sold, unsold) also be displayed here?
I would like to have a complete gallery.

gm! If you have minted the token with Manifold it will always show in your tokens tab. We don’t have any first party gallery options but there are apps in Manifold like the Curate app which might be helpful!

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Yeah I know that, my question is if I want to sell on manifold in the future, if I can also put NFT sold on FND in the curated gallery. So that buyers can see the entire collection.

Yes that is possible - Any Manifold minted token will have a Gallery link that you can drop into your Curate page. The token doesn’t have to be listed for sale to be added to Curate.