Configuring a subdomain with CNAME

hi there, I want to organize auctions on my own website, I’ve followed the instructions here — Hosting on Your Own Site - Manifold Docs — until it gets to configuring the DNS records on GoDaddy.

I’m not managing my DNS records at GoDaddy, and my host’s form looks different. There is an option to “create a new record,” choose CNAME, and fill in three blanks: “Name” such as, “Cache Duration Setting (TTL)” default is 24 hours, and “Resolves to.”

Which TTL option should I choose and, more importantly, what do I put into the “Resolves to” blank? There is no obvious place for the “CNAME Name” generated earlier in the process.

Any ideas?

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can you post a screenshot? would be easier to give you feedback from there

As you see from the screenshot, I also have the option to create a subdomain, but it doesn’t offer much.

OK I think I figured this out; I asked my web dev. Cheers!