Connect Widget version 3.1.2 Error

Hey guys!

I’ve recently implemented the ‘Buy Button’ Widget on an html page and the Connect version I used was 3.1.2 after this exchange with yungwknd - Adding the Buy Now widget to an html page - #7 by rbardin

However, I built another page and tested it today, but got an error when clicking the buy button in the checkout modal.

I then switched it back to 3.1.0 and it worked fine - token was minted and no error message.

Which version should I use? Also, any way to always get a notification when a version is updated?

Btw the visual differences are because I’m targeting some css classes to get it closer to my design - font, borders etc. Since it’s a 1/1, I’ve also hidden the container at the top with the counter :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

Feel free to go back to 3.1.0 if that works! We also have a new version - 3.1.3.

We can do better about updating our documentation! But the latest should usually be here -

awesome, thank you!

one last question: during these tests, I was on mainnet. That’s the only way, right? The claim page + widget don’t work on goerli, correct?

That’s correct! Claim page is just on mainnet

Hi, have you tried the latest connect widget and are you still having a problem?


I’m using 3.1.2, seems to be working fine now. The latest is 3.1.3, right?

Yes, either one should work.

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