Content not loading on mobile browsers

We’ve just launched an auction on Manifold and while the content displays correctly on desktop browsers it is not playing on any mobile browsers (Chrome, Arc, Brave) It is just blurred out and has no play button for the music. Experiencing the same problem on the actual token page too.

We have submitted this to the Optimism competition and are planning a big launch for the auction so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Nick,

Sorry for the unexpected behavior. Pulled up the metadata for the token

Looks like the audio is 95 MB and even just the preview image is 30 MB – so loading both of these can take a while on mobile phones and browsers and is just a limitation of not compressing your media on gallery.

Know that may not unblock you for now, but I can look into it further tomorrow and keep you updated.

HI David,

Thanks for the reply. I’ve tried to look at other music tokens on Gallery and getting the same issue. Anything that isn’t video format doesn’t seem to load. I don’t think it’s isolated to our project.

Howdy nick, this is fixed now! Go take a look and confirm for yourself if ya can: Idyllic.

Sorry for the inconvenience, this was an iOS specific issue with only audio tags that had to be handled trivially.

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you’re amazing. thanks for the quick fix

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anytime :pray: glad i could help