Contract and NFT Release Interoperability

If I create a contract/collection with Manifold, can I still release future drops under that same collection through custom contracts/other launch sites or do they always have to be Manifold created drops?

Or vice verse. Can I have a custom contract/collection made & then launch Manifold drops under that collection.

An example: I would like to make an “Editions” collection/contract. Ideally they would all be Manifold releases since it’s free for me but there are some instances where Manifold doesn’t support some of the ideas I have for drops.

A contract deployed with Manifold is basically a contract that you have deployed yourself. If you’re looking to add custom extensions etc, this can all be done. You will have the power to write/read the contract whether or not Manifold exists, think of Studio as an easier UX to do this.

If you have an existing external contract, at this time we don’t support importing it to studio.

Hi! Is there a way to integrate your own custom contract and deploy with manifold? I am wanting to use manifold’s claim site but have my own smart contract logic.