Contract deployment issue - Nothing happens when we hit "deploy"


I am having an issue with trying to deploy a contract (erc-721 on Mainnet). We filled out all the information and hit “deploy” but once we hit deploy nothing happens. There is no metamask pop-up or redirect to the next steps of the contract deployment.

The name of the contract does contain dashes, but I’ve been told that shouldn’t be an issue.

Can confirm that Metamask wallet is logged in and connected to Mainnet. Using google chrome browser.

Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing the issue? Thanks!

Can you take a screenshot of where you’re stuck as well? You’re trying to deploy just the contract?

Yes - whenever I hit “deploy” nothing happens

Hmmm - I can’t seem to replicate this issue. What happens if you try to create a contract again from scratch?

We’ve tried a few times and the problem persists

Hi spicymango,

Sorry for the issue. The SYMBOL field cannot start with a number (in your case 4)
Fixing the error message not showing now, but that should unblock you and let you create your contract.


Thank you! We will try again and report back, appreciate the help

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