Contract deployment stucks

After succesful transaction, contract in studio still in status “Deploy on mainnet” for some hours, pls check
txn id 0xecfcf8168e67160273c6d68aea7ca8636db44e12d9be898c01dfbae594ee73da

Investigating this. Did you speed up the transaction?

This should be resolved now. To help us prevent this in the future, could you provide us with a bit more information as to what might have happened?

  1. Did you speed up the deployment?
  2. Did you close or refresh the page before the transaction was confirmed?
  3. Did something else happen (a page crash, etc)?

hi there,
1 no
2 no
3 no…
the only reason i see - 5-10 minutes time pass before i’ve clicked accept button … nothing else.

Thanks for the info. Are things fixed for you now?

yep, thanks, its deployed now