Dear Community,

I want to create a draft for a new Smart contract. But when i fill out the form, the inputs are not saved. When I “go back”, i see the contract as a draft, but its empty.

Has anyone an idea what the problem is?

Thanks and best regards, Wolfgang

Hi this is intentional since we don’t have a save draft button, can you elaborate on why you would like this? From our perspective, it’s not a long / complex form, rather three simple fields. We can look into supporting it if there’s a good reason for it.

Hi Kartik, thank you very much for your fast reply to my question. I wanted to prepare some smart contracts for a few new collections that I’m planning. But you are absolutely right: As the form is not complex, it’s really not necessary to save it. And when I deploy a smart contract on Goerli, the contract seems to be “saved”, so that’s absolutely fine for me.

Awesome! Glad to hear it works for now. If/when we have more form fields, we’ll definitely add better drafting mechanism :slight_smile: