Contract Extension - Burning a token is only allowed by the Contract Owner?


We have a contract extension that allows for multi token burn/redeem. However, it doesn’t seem to work for people who are not the owner of the contract. It gives an error in etherscan saying (not owner or admin). Our development team is stuck on how to fix this, we’ve poured over the documentation but cannot find out how to allow other people to burn from the Manifold contract. Is there a step we are missing?

We already announced this but had to put it on hold once users were getting gas estimation failures. Would really appreciate a response from the team, the documentation is not clear on what to do here.

Is this a custom extension that you wrote? We would probably have to see the code to understand what you might be doing incorrectly.

hey thanks for replying. The custom extension can be seen here:

Is the lack of “requesting permission for all” the reason for this error?

Your dapp needs to request that the user gives permissions to your smart contract to do the burn via set approval methods.