Contract is deployed to a main network and pending verification

It seems like an error happened in the last step. It said verifying took a little longer than usual and that I should contact support if it didn’t sort out.

What I get when I look at the contract on the manifold website it shows it as green “Deployed”, but adds: Contract is deployed to a main network and pending verification.

When I try to to mint to the contract I get:

"Missing contract on Mainnet network
You must deploy this token’s contract to a Mainnet network before you can mint to a Mainnet network! :grin: "

The tx for creation of the contract is:

Anything I can do to get it verified?

Thank you for your patience, this issue should be resolved now!

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Thank you lyndo, appreciate it! :slight_smile:

If you don’t mind us asking a few more questions to help investigate this issue so it doesn’t happen again in the future. Would it be possible if you could describe in detail what happened when you were trying to deploy this contract? Was there an error that pop up that ask you to input a transaction hash by chance?


I’ll try to remember back.

I did all the initial testing on the the testnet before deploying the contract on mainnet and minting.

Some stuff that might be relevant:

  • Before deploying the contract on main net, I did edit the ascii
  • I do not recall being asked for any tx hash when deployig on mainnet iirc
    – but I do remember somewhere in the process that I had to do this.

When I deployed the contract it came to the last step where it said it could take 5-10 minutes before the contract was verified. After approx 10mins I got an msg saying that something seemed to take more time then usual, and that I should check back later. (or something similar worded)

If you have any other specific questions I could try to see if I remember anything else. If there is something I can check on my end let me know.