Contract is not showing up to add new assets

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  • What is your wallet address? 0x9d7993Bb14673fE606b1E0Cb6C45f5E479a95A82
  • A summary of the issue - Since the UX has changed, I tried connecting to my account in order to upload new assets to our collection - 0x152762cD2dE972D4caEF9b84142598Ba586D06a0 - After importing, it doesn’t say that the collection is a part of my wallet even though I’ve used this wallet to upload assets in the past.
  • What are you trying to do? Trying to access my contract in order to upload new assets
  • A screenshot of the issue/error with the console. Instructions here:
    Reporting Issues to the Forum | Manifold Docs
  • What browser are you using? Brave 1.67.119
  • What wallet are you using? 0x9d7993Bb14673fE606b1E0Cb6C45f5E479a95A82

Was this to an existing collection? Do you have a link to the contract/tokens if so?

We found the contract and workspace, and it seems to be associated with the wallet address:

That wallet’s account should have access to the contract associated with:

Thank you wilkins for your help!

Is there a way to add an additional wallet to manage and/or change the original wallet address?

We can add your wallet so long as the original wallet responds to this post confirming.

We’ll be adding this feature to the UX later on.

Ok great, I’ve reached out to the team member who set it up. Thank you!