Contract name showing up strange on Foundation - bit confused

Morning, Do any of you mint on Manifold and have time to explain a few things to me please? I want to create a collection to mint on Foundation that has both 1/1s and Limited Editions on it too, so I’m slightly confused. ERC-721 or ERC-1155 ? What do you think please?
The last time I made a contract. I added my contract name as my name, so that ended up appearing on Foundation as the actual collection name instead. Didn’t look right, so I had to delete the wallet attached to it and burn the nft.
When you write the contract name, is it okay to just call it the name of your collection instead of your own artist’s name? Can’t find any answers online.
Thank you

Contracts are ingested into different platforms in different ways. For example - In the past, FND doesn’t allow for creators to edit the titles of collections or hide contracts etc, not sure that is the case now. Opensea allows you to edit the title of the collection.

You can definitely name the contract after your collection instead of your artist name. Completely up to you.

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Thank you lyndo. I’ll do that.
What would you recommend me to choose if I want to make a contract for a collection that has both 1/1s and multiple editions in it please? Would I pick the ERC-721 or ERC-1155 ?

Both would work, they would just appear a little different on the different platforms. This might help explain the differences a little more (ERC-721 vs ERC-1155 - YouTube)

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Thank you Lyndo. I watched that, was still a little bit confused. My friend lists both multiple editions and 1/1s, he just told me the 1155 works well for both. I’ll go with that. Cheers for all your help. Have a fun weekend.

Hi again Lyndo. I searched the topics for this question. There was one the same as mine yet I couldn’t see any replies yet. Please could you help me with it? Last time I logged in and made a contract with the wrong wallet that wasn’t connected to my Foundation profile. This time I have logged in with the ‘right’ wallet instead. Do I need to add it anywhere at all on my profile, as I’m receiving a warning symbol telling me I’m logged in with a new wallet address. It’s the one I’d like to use on my contract today. Is there anything I need to do please or should I just carry on and create the new contract and it will link to this wallet address I’m logged in with? Instead of the old wrong one. Thank you.
I’d like the contract to show the wallet I’m connected with here Lyndo, one with the warning symbol next to it.