Contract not showing up as an option to burn and no recent activity showing for that contract?

My latest contract is not showing as an option when creating a new burn redeem page, here: “Select the contract of the token you want to burn”
It is an ERC1155 and was originally created as an OE claim page. The claim has now ended. 48 editions were claimed but I now need collectors to be able to burn them?
Interestingly none of the activity for that contract is showing on my homepage either?

Can you please help asap

Are you looking to sign in with ‘ 0x33Faf9a72ca04E1528D9905873d9B0DDdAA039D9’ and which contract are you looking to burn?

Under the Burn rules, you should be able to select 1 of 3 contracts. Are you not seeing this?

I should be able to see 4 contracts I believe

I see these 3 above but I am wanting to burn from the contract: Various Works (Editions)

Also to clarify that no activity on my homepage has shown up for that contract either?


We have identified the issue and you should see the missing contract now. So sorry about this :pray:t3: