Contract on Manifold, Token on Foundation?

Hey all, I’m a bit new to all this. I always thought that you had to choose between minting on foundation, or manifold, or openseas, or wtvr…

But recently someone told me that I can mint a contract on manifold… and then use that contract to mint the actual NFT token on Foundation… or somewhere else.

Is that true? And if yes, how?

gm! Our documentation might help: Welcome to Manifold Studio - Manifold Docs

Basically when you mint a token, you’ll have the ability to list it for sale on a platform of your choice. FND will ingest the token once it’s deployed to mainnet and if you’d like to list it for sale on FND, you can do so!

How does this work? I feel like I tried this, but the token I minted didn’t show up on foundation when trying to mint on there.

Do I make the contract and token both on manifold first, then re-mint the token on foundation? Or does foundation pick up on the fact that I have a token for sale in my wallet… and give me the option to list on foundation?

If the latter, then will people be able to buy the token through either the manifold or foundation link?

So sorry for all these questions, but I’m completely new to all this… and honestly even my more experienced friends are totally confused by this.

No problem - Did you get a chance to look through the documentation?

When you mint a token to the mainnet, the token will appear on marketplaces like Opensea, Rarible and Foundation. As I mentioned you will have the option to list it for sale wherever you like.

In the case of Foundation, after you have a token minted on Manifold it will be automatically be ingested into Foundation to view. Until you list it for sale, it won’t available for collectors to purchase. Different marketplaces have different auction styles, Foundation is a custodial marketplace so when a token is listed for sale, it is transferred to Foundation’s wallet, this is similar to Manifold so it would be impossible for the auction to occur on both platforms for sale at the same time.

I did read the documentation, but its a bit confusing.

So you’re saying that if I create a contract and mint a 720 token on Manifold… when I go to list an NFT for sale on Foundation… it should appear there as an option?

After you mint a token on Manifold, you will be able to view the token on Foundation.

Then on Foundation you will be able to list it for sale.