Contract showing wrong wallet address as owner in studio

Hi, I own a contract with one wallet and this is confirmed on Etherscan, however in Studio when I try to deploy on Goerli, it tells me the owner is a different wallet.
Is there something you can do in Studio to fix this?
I am holding off minting to Mainnet, because if this error.
This is the contract

this is the error;
Scherm­afbeelding 2022-12-09 om 10.45.01

It is currently on Rinkeby and in order to be able to mint tokens I need to deploy to Goerli first, this is where it is asking for another wallet


Seems like 0xe16… was the wallet that deployed the contract. Could you logged out of studio then logged in with that wallet to deploy to Goerli please?

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So that worked, but how do I get it al in the correct wallet? I want these contracts to be on Marieke.eth. I managed to do this in the beginning, but it seems it now moved back to that old wallet? I don’t understand

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In the beginning when I switched wallets in Studio, I was never aware I would only be an admin of those 4 contracts still on that old wallet and not the owner, so I want to fix this for all the contracts if still possible…

Hi, can you help me understand if now the contract will be deployed on the correct address?
If I look at the contract on the main net it says contract creator marieke.eth which is where I want it to be.

So the Goerli contract is now on the wrong wallet and the mainnet contract is created by the correct wallet.
What happens if I mint tokens to Goerli or main?

Hey having the same issue, really thought an admin would be the provenance of tokens when minting, but it’s not
Looking for a solution to transfer contract to the correct minting adress

I just created a claim page and had the same thing happen. I do not even recognize the wallet address that is the admin. It is not one of my wallet addresses and I have never had that even connected to Manifold in any way. This is a problem that I think Manifold should address pretty quickly.