Contract stuck and won't mint to mainnet

Hey any help would be appreciated, I can’t seem to get any of my tokens minted to the mainnet at all. I’ve created 3 now and my initial one I had to cancel because the transaction was stuck in pending for ever. It’s been 24 hrs since then and I keep getting this error message.

Can you please provide us with your wallet address?

0x76F510d7F95Dc546Fea0851b96a5E4Db3511F532 thank you!

hi donnnerss, this popup appears when we detect that a transaction was pending, and we’re not sure if you had it cancelled, sped up, or untouched. judging from your transaction history, it seems like the deploy tx was cancelled and replaced. in this case, try pressing on the “cancelled” button and following the instructions to continue minting to mainnet.

hey so it seems to be stuck in a cycle.

  1. Deploy your contract to mainnet? I press LFG
  2. Then I get this error message “It looks like your previous transaction was either cancelled, sped up or is in the process of being indexed on the blockchain. Please choose one of the option below to continue.” I press cancelled
  3. Then it just goes back to the same page that says “deploy on mainnet”
  4. I click on “deploy on mainnet”
  5. I click on LFG
  6. It signs me out and I have to connect my wallet again
  7. repeat the process

Thanks. And to clarify, when you pop open metamask, there are no pending transactions or anything, right?

oh interesting. thank you for bringing this to our attention – this is definitely not behaving like usual. we are looking into it.

Alright, we cleared some things. Can you give it a shot now?

It totally worked. Thanks for helping me with this!