Contract transfer issues

Hi have completed a contract transfer but only 1 from 3 of the tokens transferred across.
I have just checked further and tried adding the missing tokens but because they are part of a claim page it appears i cant add them.
Is this something that will be rectified, and also what happens to these tokens now i have transferred the contract???

gm dropbear,

I’m looking at your contract and tokens and i’m trying to find figure out what the issue is. I see the contract ownership transfer transaction, but am unsure what you are referring to with regards to the tokens.

Can you provide more details and what your expectations are so that we can look into it further.

Hi Richerd,
I have attached some screenshots, the one with the three tokens two of which are claim pages is from the old wallet.
The other screenshot is from where the contract was transferred to.
Just wondering why these havent visually transferred across.

I think I understand now you had two claims that were on a contract, you transfered ownership of the contract to a new address and now the claims do not appear under the new wallet.

I took a look and it looks like we don’t fully support transferring of claims on contract ownership transfer at the moment, so in order to manage the claims you’ll have to login with your old wallet and manage them though that address.

we’re working to fix this on the UI side of things so hopefully will have an update soon.

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Thanks so much Richerd