Contract verification taking several hours

Hello, I created a new contract about 7 hours ago. It’s deployed but still not verified. Why is this taking so long? Thanks for your help.

Gm! Can you send a link to the contract that hasn’t verified?

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Hello! Manifold Studio

Not sure if the link appeared correctly but it’s 834124016

Sorry to bug, but it’s been almost 12 hours since I created this contract, and I’m late to meet a deadline. I’m not even able to delete the contract and start over. Any help or advice would be appreciated, thank you!

I went ahead and created the collection elsewhere. How do I stop the verification process and cancel this contract?

gm! Double checked your wallet and see that the contract was never deployed. The transaction was cancelled but we didn’t capture the state properly and it prevented you from deploying again. Apologies for the inconvenience but there’s no need to cancel as it wasn’t deployed.