Contract Verification

Hi I’m having contract verification issues today.
I can see contract creation on etherscan, but it will not verify and doesn’t display the contract on my manifold account. Any help is appreciated it’s been over 5 hours.
I also continuously got this pop when trying to create contract to mainnet Ethereum.

Wallet is Gawwd.eth

Thank you

howdy there, taking a look right now. will report back when i have more news. apologies for the inconvenience.

it seems like our UX somehow didn’t catch your confirmed tx so it’s stuck thinking you haven’t hit confirm in your wallet. you clearly have though! i can see that the contract did deploy. will get this patched up for you. thinking it must have something to do with coinbase wallet. that’s the only wallet provider you use it seems, is that correct?

Thank you yes it’s via Coinbase wallet plug in on chrome browser. Greatly appreciate you looking into for me.

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No problem at all! Thank you for the extra information, super helpful. Will post again when I have an update for ya :saluting_face:

Hm, huge apologies but so far I have no luck recreating the issue. I did spot on oddity that gave me an idea for a question for you though:

When you were stuck and it was on the AWAITING EXECUTION step (step 2) with the pulsing dot, did you reload the page? I noticed we hang on that step a little longer than usual when users are utilizing coinbase wallet and we’re not sure why atm.

Let me know! Will be helpful in my debugging. In the meantime we’ve fixed your contracts manually.

The screenshot is what popped up after signing via Coinbase. I also use wallet guard extension which may have been a contributing factor to causing the rejection but actually goes through. I noticed it is verified now tysm!

Perfect, helpful info to have. Appreciate it. And glad you’re unblocked!