Contracts not showing up when wanting to start an auction. Any ideas?

Contracts not showing up when wanting to start an auction. Any ideas?

Part of the issue it seems is that I have transfered ownership of the contract.
I can only see the contracts on my old address.
How can I convert full control to my new address?

Can you add admin (new address), and then self revoke admin (old address)?

gm! Just wanted to clarify what is happening - Which wallet are you looking to mint from? You’re looking to setup an auction from the new wallet? And this new wallet owns the contract that was deployed from the old wallet?

That’s correct.

Contract created with old wallet.
Gave ownership of contract to new wallet.
Minting with new wallet.
Contracts won’t appear on studio interface with new wallet.

I have now added old wallet to be connected to new wallet. So I fixed my issue to a degree.

However, I would like my old wallet to have no control on the manifold studio interface any more. But want to make sure I can still control the contract from new wallet.

I hope I haven’t confused the situation more trying to explain it further! :sweat_smile:

Can you please provide both of the wallet addresses?

old 0x36b2B845A0C2fD77F4a42DfB84fE868FA245481f
new owner 0xd7393b91Cf2071B43C9FDa1d0fC6Bf52667f1233

With the 1223 wallet logged in, you should see 4 contracts when you go to create a listing with Gallery. What happens when you sign out and then sign back in?