Contracts not showing up

  • wallet address - 0x9b0da6499d6ea156c2fbca0f2104d42b7f8f2f88

  • contracts and tokens not showing up after the new update

  • What are you trying to do? - Mint 1/1

  • What browser are you using - brave

  • What wallet are you using- Metamask

UPDATE : my wallet is linked to secondary email address. Can we change email?

We just pushed an update that allows you to change the email for your account. It’s located under your settings.

hi! I am not receiving OTP in email while changing the email.

Can you check your junk folder? I just tested and it works for me.

Oh, are you getting a blank email? That’s a bug on our end in that, we don’t allow for re-linking of an existing email.

You’ll have to login to your other account, link it to another email, then come back and link it.

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yes! linked it to another email and it otp works! thank you for support!