Corrupted claim page - ERC721 vs erc721 No Airdrop option

I have a series of 4 claim pages set up for holders of my work as a bonus for a 6month+ HODL, as you can see in the image. I was able to airdrop all 3 of the tokens labelled erc721 to users but the 4th token labelled ERC721 has no airdrop option and the ‘View Claim Page’ is corrupted and will not load. How do I airdrop this token?

All 4 of the claim pages were set up at the same time in the same way and all contain video files with no significant differences other than the fact that the token standard is capitalised on the one that doesn’t work.

Gm - Can you send a link to the claims? Particularly one that works and one that doesn’t? Our first version of Claims didn’t support airdrops but if they were all created at the same time, we can investigate further.

Sure, thanks :slight_smile: I can only add 2 links in a post but if you swap the end number to 3 and 4 they are all sequential:
NOT WORKING-> Layering Up
Good Game

Hi SidXO,

The claim that isn’t working, “Layering Up”, was created on an old version of the claim extension contract. This version didn’t support airdrops, which were only added in later releases of the claim extension.

There was also a bug on our end, which broke reading the claim data from the blockchain. I’ve gone ahead and fixed this, and your claim page is working again.

It did have the airdrop option in the left hand menu and it asked me to update it about a week ago and then it all fell over. If I burn the page can I use the URL again for SEO?

I tried updating the csv to have my own wallet address on there so I could mint and airdrop but it say I don’t have access even after I paid twice to sync the data :confused:
Any other suggestions, please?