Could not retrieve existing BR and therefore will not update BR

I have an unusual error when trying to update the Burn and Redeem .
My error shown is “Could not retrieve existing BR and therefore will not update BR.”

It is on optimism and my wallet is on OP too.

what does this error mean?

Here is another screenshot directly. Any ideas?

The contract is on optimism mainnet if this helps.

It seems that there is no possibility to edit the burn redeem as it is on optimism and your code does not handle this chain correctly

“Recovered burn but failed creating or updating instance Error: Unknown network

addressByNetworkForContract Studio App Burn Redeem**

This only happens on optimism for me

Taking a look! Will report back shortly. Big thanks for the screenshots and error logs, will make this a quick one to fix.

Should be fixed! Can you try updating it again and let us know how it goes? Highly appreciate, cheers.

hey. i’m having the same issue as the op above but mine’s on mainnet. pls help.

Are you still having this issue now?

Bump! Still having this issue? Can look into it.