Create a Burn event to redeem from an OE

Hello friends,

I’m currently trying to understand if it’s possible to create a Burn/Redeem event in which the redeemable token is also an Open Edition.

When I create the Burn/Redeem it asks for me to create the Redeem Asset, but what if this asset should be a token from an Open Edition?

Appreciate your thoughts and help,


That should be fine. Are you getting an error while setting this up?

No, not an error. But I when I create the Burn/Redeem it asks me to created a new asset instead of selecting an existing one. Later I imagined that this might be because there aren’t any assets in the contract yet. So after creating the OE would it should show as a redeemable token? Appreciate your attention.

That’s right! You’ll need to make the open edition first, and mint at least 1 token on it. Then it should appear in the burn-redeem app.

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Hi, yungwknd, I have finally created the OE and airdropped/minted its first token, however, when I run at the same issue when creating the Burn/Redeem, as instead of showing the available tokens to be redeemed it asks for creating a new redeem token. Any tips?